Completed: Advanced Management Courses in Sports

On November 4, 2020, the last module was held, i.e., the case study of the participants in the "Advanced Management Courses in Sports".

It is an educational program designed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and aimed to improve the work of sports organizations, upgrading skills and competencies of human resources, and creating a "knowledge society" that will establish strong ties between managers from different sports.

Within the six months that the program "Advanced Management Courses in Sports" lasted, participants had the opportunity to listen lectures in the field of organization and management, strategic management, human resources management, finance, marketing and communications, project management and organization of major sporting events.

The teaching was of a theoretical-practical character, and the participants presented the knowledge acquired in the theoretical part of the teaching in the form of real case studies, transferring work experiences in their organizations.

The training was successfully completed by 16 participants from Bosnian sports organizations, including our celebrated basketball player Razija Mujanovic.

"I am happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this type of education, which has greatly improved my knowledge and which in the most concrete way contributes to creating a more favorable environment for the development of sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was nice to hang out in the previous 6 months and exchange experiences with colleagues from sports organizations in BiH "- said Razija at her final presentation. Razija Mujanovic is a basketball player who was inducted into the World Basketball Federation Hall of Fame in 2017.

This is another in a series of projects that the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina is implementing in order to strengthen sports in our country.

The final papers were presented by the following course participants:

Enes Peštek - Boxing Federation of BIH

Ademir Raščić - Gymnastics Federation of BIH

Azur Kuduzović - Swimming Federation of BIH

Nijaz Šahinović - Shooting Federation of BIH

Vedran Ćubela - Taekwondo Federation of BIH

Samir Sarić - Taekwondo Federation of BIH

Senad Hadžimešić - Tennis Federation of BIH

Brane Srdić - Badminton Federation of BIH

Djena Arifovic - Educational Center PS Maya

Razija Mujanović - Basketball Federation of BIH

Kornelija Leko – EC NOC BIH

Selma Karčić - Paralympic Committee of BIH

Amela Bajrektarević - FASTO

Ajša Alić - FASTO

Hana Novalija - FASTO

Anel Imamović - Basketball Federation of BiH

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