The Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina hereby sends its sincere congratulations to the Vice President of the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prof. Dr. Izet Radja, who was officially elected a member of IANUBiH in the class of social sciences at today's assembly of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IANUBiH).

Academician Izet Rađo, with his many years of scientific research and professional work, has made an immeasurable contribution to the successful development of sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina, both from a scientific and organizational point of view. Achieving scientific excellence is also mentioned as one of the criteria for membership in this prestigious international institution.

For the Olympic Movement, excellence is one of the original values, and this confirms the comprehensive work and commitment of Academician Izet Radja in improving not only scientific and sports activities, but also society as a whole.

Congratulations to Academician Izet Rađo, and we wish him successful work in future challenges.

#OKBIH #ianubih

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