Lejla Tanović 8th place at the Cycling World Championships

Lejla Tanovic won a historic eighth place at the Cycling World Marathon Championships held in Sakarya, Turkey

We extend our sincere congratulations to our best cyclist Lejla Tanović on another great success in her career.

"Incredible result, it's hard to describe what it feels like to fight with the best cyclists in the world and represent Bosnia and Herzegovina. We knew I could make a great result and so we trained all year, regardless of the fact that we didn't know if we would have competitions at all. This result gives me great motivation, the medal was very close and that is our next goal," said Lejla Tanović on her Facebook page, emphasizing the importance of coach Amar Njemčević and all sponsors, partners and institutions that support her, including the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We wish Lejla and her coach to continue their success and as such, bring great pride to the enitre Bosnia and Herzegovina' society. 

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