NOC BIH supported the extraordinary success of Lana Pudar

The Olympic Committee of BiH awarded the extraordinary success of Lana Pudar and her coach with 22.000 BAM and an Olympic scholarship of 800 BAM per month

On the occasion of achieving an Olympic A standard in the 100 meters butterfly at the swimming rally in Belgrade, National Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina awarded the swimmer Lana Pudar with 5.000 BAM and her coach Alena Čemanović with 2.000 BAM.

The brilliant 15-year-old swimmer was awarded an Olympic scholarship in the amount of 800 BAM per month by the BiH Olympic Committee, thus joining a team of 15 athletes who already enjoy a scholarship for the "Tokyo 2020" Olympics.

Additionally, to better prepare for the Olympic Games, Lana Pudar will use "Program Plus" support with athletes who are already qualified for the "Tokyo 2020" Olympics and aspire to the highest placements, namely Amel Tuka, Mesud Pezer and Larisa Cerić. The Olympic Committee of BiH will thus financially support Lana with 15.000 BAM in all performances and trips until the Games.

What we promised, we did. The long-term support of the Olympic Committee to the young hopes of BiH sports has shown results because our Lana has fulfilled the Olympic A standard. Namely, last year NOC BIH allocated funds and awarded a scholarship to Lana Pudar within the project intended for promising and young athletes under the age of 18 because we already recognized her Olympic potential, said Marijan Kvesić, president of NOC BIH.

Kvesic added that Bosnia and Herzegovina have plenty of talented children in all areas, including elite sports.

I emphasize that the Olympic Committee of BIH is a non-budget organization who is financed exclusively through projects and with the help of sponsors, but we always find a way to financially support our promising athletes. I hope that the example of the support of the Olympic Committee towards Lana and other elite athletes will be followed by the Council of Ministers of BIH, the competent ministries for sports as well as successful companies, said Kvesic. 

Lana Pudar thanked the BiH Olympic Committee for the support they provide.

The scholarship is a great motivation for further work, and I want to thank the BIH Olympic Committee for recognizing my efforts and results and decided to help me financially to prepare as best I can for the Olympic Games in Tokyo and thus best represent my country and swim the best possible I can, Pudar said.

Damir Djedovic, president of the leading sports organization "Orka" from Mostar, also thanked the Olympic Committee for its wholehearted support and the fact that the potential in this young swimmer was among the first to be recognized.

Lana Pudar has become the main topic of all conversations across the country and really everyone is thrilled with her achievement. We expect the improvement of swimming conditions in the city of Mostar, which means, above all, the construction of an indoor Olympic swimming pool. We are honored that Lana has become a project of great importance to the BIH Olympic Committee, and above all, many thanks go to the leaders of NOC BIH for reacting promptly and signing a full scholarship agreement with Lana Pudar and thus supporting the upcoming preparations for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, said Djedovic.

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