Every year, the Olympic Committee of BiH, as a socially responsible organization, organizes a humanitarian action and for a moment gives those who need help beautiful memories and memories. As part of the New Year's humanitarian action of the Olympic Committee of BiH, leaders of the Olympic Committee of BiH and sports workers visited the institution "Marija - Our Hope" home for children with disabilities in Široki Brijeg, Institute for Mentally Disabled "Drin" in Fojnica and the Center for Social Work Zvornik - Children with Developmental Disabilities. On this occasion, they conveyed the best wishes and New Year's wishes of the Executive Committee of the OC BiH, top athletes of BiH, sports federations of BiH, and the entire Olympic family, and handed out 160 New Year's packages.

As in Široki Brijeg, as well as in Fojnica and Zvornik, socializing with the protégés of the mentioned institutions was extremely nice. A child's smile and look full of joy, happiness, and gratitude is the greatest reward and satisfaction that can be obtained.

Leaders of the Olympic Committee of BiH President Marijan Kvesić and Vice Presidents Prof. Dr. Milanko Mučibabić and Prof. Dr. Izet Rađo thank the hosts, Mario Karačić, director of "Marija-Naša Nada", Nikolina Čolak, president of the Cheerleading Federation of BiH, Adis Ramić, director of the Institute for Mentally Disabled Drin "in Fojnica, Tarik Kurtanović, coach of the swimming club" Spid "with people with disabilities and difficulties, Vukašin Nikolić, director of the Center for Social Work Zvornik, and his associates Dane Pepić, Slađana Popović, Sara Milić, and Nikola Drobnjak, for the warm welcome and pleasant company.



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