Sports as Value: Project management is not a 9 to 5 job

The Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted the second workshop in the period from November 19 to 22 as part of the Erasmus+ project Sports as Value, which aims to integrate positive values into sports practice and build a stronger community through sports and promote EU values.

At the three-day working meeting, representatives of ENGSO, OPES, EAS, University of Pristina, Olympic Committee of Kosovo, Olympic Committee of Albania, Olympic Committee of Montenegro and Sports Confederation of Portugal had the opportunity to hear more about the design of project applications as well as the challenges with which we can meet in project management.

Through presentations of the representatives of OPES Italy, participants of the workshop went through the design of the project application in detail, from the application to the elaboration of the project idea. Also, they shared with the participants their rich experience about project management, the challenges they face and how to find solutions.

Linda Rambola, representative of OPES Italy emphasized that project management is not a 9 to 5 job and that it requires a lot of research and learning in order to make adequate project proposals.

Moreover, the meeting at the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina closed the third work package of the project, the main goal of which was to increase the capacity of sports managers, organizers and volunteers while strengthening networks both in their environment and throughout Europe. In fornt of all partners there is the fourth work package Tasks of which are related to increasing the knowledge of the participants about different European values, such as peace, integrity, good governance, diversity and equality, and how these values can be effectively promoted through sport at the basic level. With regard to the preparation from the previous work package, that is, the creation or strengthening of relations between sports managers and organizers in the region, the possibilities for joint actions throughout the region, which we talked about at the working meeting in Sarajevo, were identified. Therefore, next year we will have great activities with our friends and partners from the region.

Sports as Value is an Erasmus+ capacity-building project in the field of sports in which the countries of the Western Balkans and the EU joined together for a common goal: the integration of positive values into sports practice and the building of a stronger community through sports and the promotion of EU values.

The Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina was recognized as a valuable and credible partner in the Sports as Value project, which contributed with its knowledge and expertise to a brilliantly organized working meeting.

The coordinator of this project is ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sports Organizations), which together with 8 organizations (OPES Italy, EAS, CDP, University of Pristina, NOC Kosovo, NOC Albania, NOC Montenegro and NOC BIH) are successfully implementing the project.

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