Support to the young, potential Olympians of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bearing in mind the real need for support for young and talented BiH athletes, the Olympic Committee of BiH is implementing a project that will be exclusively intended for promising and young athletes under the age of 18.

It is certainly important to keep in mind that the realization of this type of project will increase the chances of qualifying a larger number of athletes to participate in the Olympic Games, e.i. to have participants from several and different National Federations in the future.

We are convinced that the implementation of this type of program could stop the evident outflow of young athletes who, due to the lack of systematic support from all levels of government, decide to perform for other countries or stop playing sports.

The Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina sent a letter to National Sport Federations of BiH in which we asked for information about the names of competitors who are elite athletes in the junior categories up to 18 years with high results (through placement or result) at the European (up to 15th place) and the World (up to 20th place) sports stage, or some other top results worthy of recognition by the BiH Olympic Family.

The young athletes proposed by NFs of BiH will receive a monthly scholarship for a period of one year (12 months), which are as follows:

Amar Pasic - weightlifting

Nejla Kalaca - weightlifting

Branko Tadic - judo

Hana Piralic - judo

Nemanja Malesevic - tennis

Asja Klacar - snowboard

Zara Husedzinović - figure skating

Matej Rasic - shooting

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