Best athlete OC BiH Award

Best athlete OC BiH award is a traditional event which has been hosted since 2011. This ceremonial event presents and celebrated annual accomplishments of BH sport, sport workers and individuals and collectives which have contributed to the promotion, strengthening and a positive image of BH sport at national and international level.

Every year in December, OC BiH with great pleasure and enthusiasm, organises the Ceremony for awarding the Best athletes of the Year in BiH, which simbolically closes the year and announces  new beginnings towards sport and business accomplishments and activities. During the very event OC BiH presents to the wider public an overview of its annual activities, which are multiplied as the years go by and which strenghten sport and administrative platform creating positive changes to the entire sport systema and BH society.

Apart from the main award, the following are also included:

  1. Best young female athlete in the Junior category;
  2. Best young male athlete in the Junior category;
  3. The most successful Sport club;
  4. The most successful BiH team;
  5. The most successful coach;
  6. OC BiH special awards
    1. IOC Special Award
    2. Sport worker award for a longterm contribution to the development of sport
    3. Award for BiH sport promoters
    4. Athlete or a team Award coming from non Olympic sports
    5. Special award for a most distinguished sport result 
    6. Fair Play Award
    7. Award for Media promotion of Olympic Values
    8. Award for a longterm coaching work 
    9. Award for BH sport ambasador
    10. Special award for elite coaching result
  7. Best female athlete in Senior category 
  8. Best male athlete in Senior category 
  9. Athlete of the Year

Expert jury composed out of OC BiH Elite Sport Commission members performs the selection of candidates who apply for the award.

  •  2011 Athlete of the Year - Amel Mekić
  • 2012 Athlete of the Year - Larisa Cerić
  • 2013 Athlete of the Year - Hamza Alić
  • 2014 Athlete of the Year - Larisa Cerić
  • 2015 Athlete of the Year - Amel Tuka
  • 2016 Athlete of the Year - Amel Tuka
  • 2017 Athlete of the Year - Larisa Cerić
  • 2018 Athlete of the Year - Larisa Cerić
  • 2019 Athlete of the Year - Amel Tuka

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