Executive Committee of Olympic Committee of BiH

  • Executive Committee of OC BiH is an executive organ of OC BiH that performs the following tasks and activities:
  1. Proposes the Statute of OC BiH, and its amendments.
  2. Adopts the Rules of procedures and general acts as its amendments. 
  3. Proposes Strategies and politics for sport development. 
  4. Nominates and dismisses General Secretary of OC BiH.
  5. Proposes the membership to international sport and non-governmental associations which are of interest to sport.
  6. Initiates establishing and maintaining of the cooperation with other National Olympic Committees.
  7. Proposes nomination for the organisation of Olympic Games and other multi-sport competitions.
  8. Proposes annual and long-term programmes for public interest in sport at the state level, and establishes reports on execution of these programmes and financial funds spent.
  9. Provides an opinion and recommendations for the organisation of major international sport competitions and events in BiH. 
  10. Approves the sponsorship of OC BiH under defined terms.
  11. Proposes nomination of new members to OC BiH.
  12. Proposes membership of SFBiH in international federations.
  13. Proposes honorary members to OC BiH. 
  14. Nominates candidates for a membership in IOC bodies and other associations, where OC BiH is the member.
  15. Nominates and recalls the representatives of OC BiH in other organisations, institutions and bodies.
  16. Confirms the participants of Olympic and Mediterranean games, and other multi-sport competitions under the jurisdiction of OC BiH. 
  17. Nominates presidents and members of permanent and temporary working bodes of Executive Committee of OC BiH. 
  18. Appoints representatives of OC BiH in participating at foreign gatherings, events, official meetings organised by IOC, ANOC, EOC, and ICMG. 
  19. Determines the way funds are to be acquired and used in regards to the adopted programme and financial plan.
  20. Decides on establishing business entities.
  21. Manages funds of OC BiH.
  22. Imposes remedies and sanctions in accordance with Article 24 of this Statute.
  23. Adopts its own Rules of Procedures in accordance with this Statute and Olympic Charter.
  24. Performs other tasks and activities entrusted by General Assembly of OC BiH, i.e. whatever placed under its jurisdiction by this Statute. 
  25. Submits the Performance report of OC BiH, and is responsible for its work in General Assembly of Olympic Committee.
  • The members of Executive Committee of OC BiH are elected by the General Assembly of OC BiH from among its members and is comprised out of 13 (thirteen) members.
  • Current members of the Executive Committee of OC BIH (2016-2020) are:
    • Prof.dr Milanko Mučibabić, co-opted member of OC BiH Presidency 
    • Prof. dr Branislav Crnogorac
    • Prof. dr Munir Talović
    • Prof. dr Goran Bošnjak
    • Mr.sci.dr Nihad Selimović
    • Maja Jokanović Klepić
    • Kornelija Leko
    • Mirsad Ćatić
    • Ivan Brkić
    • Neven Rašić

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