BIH Team - EYOF Maribor 2023

The XVII Summer European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) Maribor will be held from July 23 to 29, 2023 in the Slovenian city of Maribor. With more than 30 years of tradition, EYOF is the largest multi-sport competition for young European athletes aged 14 to 18.

3600 of the best young athletes from 48 European countries will defend the colors of their countries in this competition in ten sports: athletics, cycling, gymnastics, handball, judo, swimming, tennis, volleyball, skateboarding, and basketball 3×3.

Bosnia and Herzegovina will be represented by nine athletes from four sports (athletics, judo, mountain bike, and gymnastics):


  1. Emina  Omanović                           
  2. Bakir Musić                                      
  3. Najla Prašljivić                  
  4. Ermin Beganović                             
  5. Elma Hasanbašić            

Mountain Bike:              

  1. Emrah Ljubuškić               


  1. Katja Vujičić                      


  1. Amina Merjem Hebib     
  2. Adrian Đurđević     

The athletes will be accompanied by the CdM Mrs. Samra Jurišić and coaches:

  1. Vahida Kozić                                    
  2. Velimir Zahirović                             
  3. Kada Delić Selimović       
  4. Adnan Mekić                                   
  5. Saša Kovačević                 
  6. Karim Hebib                                        

"Dear athletes, you are on a mission, you represent the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, your sport, your city, and your families, and with your successes, you show that you are the best ambassadors of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We wish you the best of luck at the EYOF, a competition that was created for the best athletes in Europe and that will give you the opportunity to experience Olympism and gain invaluable experience for further competitions on the way to the Olympic Games," said the president of the NOC BIH, academician Izet Rađo, to the athletes.

The Opening ceremony will be held on July 23, starting at 8:30 p.m. at the Ljudski Vrt stadium in Maribor, and the honor of carrying the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the opening ceremony of EYOF Maribor will go to athlete Emina Omanović and judoka Adrian Đurđević.

We wish the BIH team good luck and good results in Maribor!

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