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The Zamet Sports Center in Rijeka (Croatia) was the center of the European judo world, 222 competitors from 18 countries participated in the European Kata Championship.

The team of our country at the European kata championship was led by the Mostar coach Majo Ćeško, who prepared his competitors for two categories. This was also the historic performance of BiH in the judo kata category and the ENBU judo category.

In the category of juniors under 18 for BiH, two couples performed:

The first bh.  pair Dragan-Paol Senkić and Rino Vrljić won the silver medal, and they had 30 points less than the first-placed.

Another bh. pair Josip Previšić and Domagoj Jozeljić won the bronze medal by 13 points less than the second-placed.

Srdjan Ajvaz and Adnan Demirovic competed for the first time in the senior category for BiH, winning 9th place.

In addition to the discipline of kata, which is also called "The art of judo", Mostar judokas also performed in the discipline ENBU judo, where they won a gold medal.


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